The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we continued to track coverage of NY-23. John Cole commented on the lack of party loyalty, Jonah Goldberg declared ideological victory, Mark Blumenthal and PPP predicted a big Hoffman win, Nate Silver looked at the consequences that outcome, Josh Marshall anticipated a new model for upcoming elections, Larison sounded off, Weigel reported from NY-23, and a reader who grew up there wrote in. Also, while Hoffman was also raised in NY-23, nearly all of his campaign funds were raised out of state (as well as his political profile).

In the Afghan election debacle, Mac McCallister sized up Abdullah's scheme, Crowley showed that he still has some kick for Karzai, and Peter Galbraith gave some perspective from the ground. In other foreign coverage, an Iranian student faced down the Supreme Leader, Gideon Levy dispensed some tough love to Israel, and Goldfarb and Goldblog got into some hot water over NIAC's president.

In other commentary, Michael Wolff tried to make sense of the Palin circus, Andrew dressed down Laura Ingraham, James Joyner saw The Advocate's demise as a good sign, Gene Weingarten waxed eloquent about old dogs, and