The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we tracked the remarkable turnout in Maine, where a loss for marriage equality could very well be the national Dems' fault. Regarding the other races, Nate Silver and Josh Green downplayed the potential outcomes, Scarborough stayed positive on the Beck-Palin insurgency, and some readers from NY-23 chimed in. (Read just below for late-breaking election results.

While Palin continued to meddle in NY, NJ, and VA, Levi turned up the tabloid heat. Readers sounded off - and one nearly stomped off. On the war on prohibition, we examined the distorted "danger" of drugs in the UK and watched a remarkable mother of two expound the conservative case for legalization.

In other commentary, Andrew engaged Goldberg over Parsi, Carol Platt Liebau got a Hewitt, Larry Stickney got a Malkin, the Dish got snarky with Stickney, Southerners shunned Bush even more than Obama, John McWhorter talked language, and Matt Steinglass and a reader discussed dog-eating. 

-- C.B.