The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we saw Karl Rove take his shamelessness to a whole new level. The GOP, on the other hand, actually offered some constructive criticism through its new healthcare proposal. (Now if we could only extend that to the military budget.)

In foreign coverage, a reader brought up the sort of change that Obama has brought to the image of the US - a country that is still #1 - but Marc Lynch warned that the change is beginning to wane. Ackerman updated us on sanctions toward Iran and we spotlighted a depressing tale of an Iranian journalist in jail.

Elsewhere, we tackled the death penalty, glimpsed at a new book on Palin, listened to Levi through Shatner, and watched bloggers go all Mystery Science Theater 3000 on some White House photos.

Today's MHB was incredibly heart-tugging, as evidenced by these tears. Andrew also delved into the emotional debate over children and gay couples, and readers chimed in. He also provided some parting thoughts on Maine and mused over the mission of the Daily Dish.

In case you missed it, Andrew was on Colbert last night (also, check out Stephen as a skinhead).

-- C.B.