The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we saw Iraq take a big step towards democracy and US withdrawal. We also discovered more gruesome details on the Hood massacre and saw how it's playing in the Arab press. Jay Newton-Small and some readers offered some parting perspective on Cao's role in the healthcare vote, and a few more readers followed up on the Bishops' embrace of the bill. Get your Palin fix here, here, here, and here.

Andrew, Tom Friedman, and Joe Klein called for a firm reevaluation of US aid to Israel.  The Dish commemorated the Berlin Wall anniversary with some stunning views from Germany here and here. We also featured a photo essay of a young Army recruit in training, triggering this emotional email.

Big news on the Dish home front: our long-awaited View From Your Window book is finally for sale. But before you buy, check out the details of our crowd-sourcing scheme, which will surely get the price low enough to allow this guy to enjoy the book as much as we do.

-- C.B.