The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we saw more details emerge on the Hood tragedy and listened to the words of the commander-in-chief. Andrew examined the tragedy at length and in the broader of context of 9/11. Marc Lynch and Greenwald also offered their thoughts, while some ugly rhetoric on the right surfaced here, here, and here.

Napoleon Linardatos and Frum tackled Continetti's puff piece on Palin, and a reader scrutinized her pregnancy story. Andrew confronted Dreher over civil rights tactics and a youtuber took down Maggie Gallagher, hard.

In other commentary, Saletan zeroed in on the combat ban, Kerry Howley profiled Kathleen Parker, Exum gunned for Seymour Hersh, Joe Klein discussed the three Americans accused of espionage in Iran, and Andrew praised, yes, the Clintons.

As our pledge drive for the window book continued, a few readers saw what we see on the future of publishing. A few more readers wound down our discussion on the children of soldiers. And our MHB was pretty sublime.

-- C.B.