The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we did our best to honor America's veterans. First we featured the president's tribute in full - a speech that Andrew both lauded and lamented. David Ignatius praised the troops, the Dish connected a soldier and his father, James Joyner questioned the meaning of "heroes," readers pushed back, and a pair of beagles showed their appreciation. Goldblog called for more Muslims in the military and Barney Frank set a timeline for scrapping DADT.

In healthcare coverage, David Leonhardt guided us through the House bill, Saletan wrangled the Stupak debate, and Andrew took at look at the whole messy process of reform. We also covered the bizarre beating of a Greek Orthodox priest down in Florida and an odd act of heroism by a Muslim-American woman in Delaware.

The fact-checking of Palin continued here and here, and even Fox News got in the act. Andrew discussed  both his marriage and his relationship to the Catholic Church. We found a catchy youtube on marriage equality and a cool ad with faces.

-- C.B.