The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew reacted to the president's startling decision not to decide, yet, on Afghanistan, while Exum, Ackerman, and Sully addressed Eikenberry's anxiety. Andrew also addressed the surprise move by the LDS to support gay rights and tackled the Catholic Church for overemphasizing abortion in healthcare. A reader added her thoughts on the latter. Laura Rozen updated us on US-Israel relations.

In other news, the Onion exposed the real reason for Lou Dobbs' departure and Matt Cooper pondered his political career. AMA and DiA chipped away at marijuana classification, Dan Savage brought the wisdom on marriage, and Charles Johnson and Marty Beckerman shared their recovering Republicanism. And some rraders gave their perspective on Muslim-Americans. 

In a historic moment for the Dish today, Andrew blogged from 35,000 feet.

-- C.B.