The Daily Wrap

It feels like the campaign again on the Dish. Over the past three days, we tried to wrap our heads around the latest media blitz of Sarah Palin.  Andrew ultimately blamed McCain.

Greg Sargent parsed her polling, TNR and Slate indexed her book, Cottle called out her victimization, a reader deconstructed her psyche, Steve Chapman contrasted her with Reagan, Andrew shuddered at her settlement statements (and attracted dissents), Damon Linker chastised her critics, Allahpundit sized up 2012, Nate Silver predicted she'll run, he explained how she could win the nomination, and the Dish tallied another odd lie. Palin blinked when Barbara Walters asked her about Levi. Meanwhile, he held his fire and released some starbursts.

In the other big story of the week - terrorist trials in NYC - Ackerman told us to bring em' on, Josh Marshall calmed fears, Eric Posner cut through the spin, and Andrew praised the president.

In home news, the Daily Dish released its very first print publication, "The View From Your Window." To secure a copy of the book at the 50% discounted price of $16.25, click here. They're going fast.

-- C.B.