The Daily Wrap

As Palin's marketing tour continued, Jessica Valenti targeted her double standards on gender, Kristol seemed to be scheming, and Larison countered Kristol. We chronicled another odd lie, and featured four near lies here, here, here, and here - the latter of which targets the Dish.

In KSM coverage, cognitive dissonance appeared strong on the far right, two former Bush officials voiced support of civilian trials, and David Feige worried about the implications of a "show trial." In other coverage, Andrew was aghast at the GOP's hypocrisy over healthcare spending, Suderman and Douthat dreaded the future debate, Crist looked like he might switch teams, a reader confronted Andrew over his federalist stance on abortion, and another sent word from Gilo.

"The View From Your Window" is becoming a big success. But there are less than 500 copies left at the special $16.25 price, so act now if you plan to buy one -  or 75.

-- C.B.