The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish was a particularly mixed bag. Andrew restated his support for the president and debated Frum over Iranian sanctions. Frum also defended himself to Palin supporters. Althouse sniped at our "odd lies," readers wondered whether Palin is a bullshitter or not, and another character in Going Rogue spoke out. More Palin fodder here, here, and here.

Kirchick put a spotlight on Uganda's homophobia, Goldblog sent a dispatch from the Rapture, Greenwald fisked Republicans over terrorism trials, Nate Silver rolled his eyes at global-warming denialists, Douthat looked forward to the 2012 race, and Ambinder looked back to 2008.

Andrew meditated to Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu and we all meditated to this MHB.

-- C.B.