The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we discovered that Bill Sparkman's death was actually a suicide staged as murder. Malkin pounced on our prior coverage of the bizarre event. Also, Britain tortured.

In Palin drama, she accused the commander-in-chief of ignoring those in his command, brandished her foreign policy acumen, and read a bedtime story on the bus. Another victim of her fabrication spoke out, Chris Orr can't understand why she's going after a teenager, a female reader sized up her sex appeal, and Weigel explained why she is a better celebrity than public servant.

In other commentary, Andrew fisked the GOP's Ten Commandments, Friedersdorf lampooned Beck's latest insanity, Peter Beinart singled out Lieberman for a partisan tantrum, Larison followed up, and Tyler Cowen tackled our thinking over debt.

Lastly, don't forget: Barack Obama gave you homework.

-- C.B.