Thanksgiving Wrap

Over the past two days on the Dish we recorded the reflections of a military wife, David Brin gave thanks to the United States, Blake Hurst celebrated a bountiful corn harvest, Erik Stokstad showed us how much food we waste, Hank Hyena explained how we could soon dine on dinosaurs, and we learned how domestication dumbed down the turkey. And don't miss this Thanksgiving rap (though you can probably skip this performance).

In other coverage, we discovered more horrors perpetuated by the Catholic Church in Ireland, watched an exploration of the genetic origins of homosexuality, and took note of the latest lies of Sarah Palin. Andrew tackled the vacuous nature of Karl Rove and responded to a reader over Reagan and greed.

In Dish publishing news, we blew through the first 2,000 copies of our Window View book in about four days. But we ordered another thousand at the special $16.25 price, so go here to get one while they last.

-- C.B.