Sunlight And Palin

A reader writes:

You ask, what it is about sunlight and open debate that Palin is afraid of.

My guess is that it isn't fear. (Though she knows on some level that she's not capable of debate with her dismal language skills.) I think that it's because the debate isn't the point. Because she doesn't want debate. Her sole objective, and that of the neocons who back her, is to continue consolidating a rabid right wing base, to reinforce the views they already have and then send them out to keep their fellow members of the base in line.

She's simply to serve as the beacon to draw them, and the fount of "wisdom" if you will giving them elementary level talking points to carry forth and congeal their allegiance, cement it, and hopefully draw in their neighbors votes. And their money of course.

She isn't about debate. She's preaching to her choir. She's keeping them on the same page of the hymnal and singing the same tune.Louder and louder. I mean, it's pretty clear by now isn't it that the GOP is now the right wing, and that they have no interest in opposing views or drawing in other people? The Big Tent is now only open to the already converted and the true believers.