Still Trashing Levi


A People reader asks Palin, "How is your daughter Bristol doing as a young mother?" She replies:

She's spectacular. She's amazing. Still doesn't get a lot of sleep because Tripp is a light sleeper through the night and Bristol's got him all the time. But she's going to college, she's working and taking care of the baby. She's got her hands full. But very, very strong, very optimistic. She teaches me good lessons through all of this, too. She keeps things in perspective. She is realizing that her good decisions today will bear fruit, perhaps years down the road, but she's seeing now that it's worth it to take the high road when it comes to the [custody] controversy with Levi [Johnston] and him doing his porn stuff [posing for Playgirl]. It's all about the baby, it's all about what he is going to grow up with, and she knows she has to pull even more weight to make sure Tripp has a good upbringing.

More unprompted attacks on the father of her grandson - "doing his porn stuff". And more inconsistency:

note how she both accuses Levi of not being a good father and also criticizes him for seeking legal custody of his son, Tripp. Again, there is no logic here and no behavior that would comport with a mother seeking the best for her family. Something else is going on here between Levi and Sarah, some game of chicken in which Palin keeps goading, placating and then attacking the father of her grandson. And the father of her grandson, a mere 19 year old, is clearly unintimidated. Why unintimidated? In his words:

I just look at her in disgust. ... It's almost funny, that she's like, 46 years old, and she's battling a 19 year old, and I'm winning. And I'm telling the truth. She's lying and losing. ... If you look at her face, she's got -- she's really -- you can tell her mind's going 100 miles an hour when Oprah asked her those Levi questions. ... I've got a lot more knowledge and credibility than she gives me credit for.

It's a war of nerves right now behind this world-famous politician-celebrity and a 19 year old from Wasilla. and Levi seems the only one not even beginning to buy her constant b.s.

(Photo: Sarah Palin with child, Trig, at a book tour in Grand Rapids. Michigan. By Bill Pugliano/Getty).