Quote For The Day

Pam Spaulding reacts to the DNC's refusal to support marriage equality in Maine and its subsequent transparent lies about it:

Shut the gAyTM down; only give directly to candidates and organizations you believe are truly working in your best interest. Not a penny to the DNC; it's the only leverage you have as an average citizen. The big donors in our community have to take a stand on this kind of nonsense, otherwise, they are enabling this kind of treatment of our community. It's party-building at our expense each and every time, as we watch windows of opportunity close. The thought of a halt to the cash flow will stop this BS pronto, if only to make them listen for a goddamn minute before stepping on the gas to run over us again.

It's the obvious problem with having all our eggs in the Democratic basket. That's largely the GOP's fault, of course, as they have done all they can to make gay Republicans extinct.

But the DNC/HRC fusion robs the community of any actual representation of us, and should remind us that any civil rights movement that puts its trust in any political party loses both its integrity and its success.

We have to do this ourselves, from the ground up, in our living rooms and churches, synagogues and mosques, workplaces and family get-togethers. We need to change the leadership of HRC to end their role as the Democratic party's chief enablers of substantive inaction. And we need to remain focused not on the nastiness of our opponents, but on our own positive arguments for change. We must not take the Christianist bait. We're winning because we have the better argument. So keep making the argument, and stop looking to others to save us.