Postmodern Palin, Ctd

A reader writes:

Your use of the word postmodern to describe Sarah Palin is just wrong. Postmodernism gets a lot of flack in the certain quarters, based on a false reading of it as obscurantism, as a certain way of creating new realities, of "acquiescence to fantasy". Postmodernist thought hopes to expose, not create, the ideologies that allow us to create these false realities (as Baudrillard put it, hyperrealities). Sarah Palin is nothing but a dogmatist who violently holds to her own ideological stances ("I didn't come from no fish!") regardless of their relationship to reality. This is not a questioning of reality, it is the sheer forcing of a false and fanatical one--indeed, one that could be exposed most fruitfully in postmodernist terms.