Picking Fights With A Teen Model

Bush strategist Matthew Dowd offers Palin some advice if she wants a shot at the presidency:

Use humor. In responding to controversy, bad press and negative occurrences in general, learn to let it slide off of you with a knowing smile. Maybe even use some self-deprecation. Levi Johnston, your almost son-in-law, has been a thorn in your side. Let it go. Publicly sparring with a teenager is not presidential.

So ask yourself: why is it happening at all? And with all things Palin, the answer could be one of several.

The first is the conventional one: this kid almost ruined her homecoming parade. He knocked up her teenage daughter at a critical moment in her political career, requiring her to scramble in her first days on the national stage. His family embarrasses Palin, because its troubles with the law and proud "fucking redneck" identity isn't quite what she wants as her identity because it is way too close for comfort. He's spoiling her book tour with his Playgirl shoot.