Paper And Pixels Coming Together

A reader writes:

It took a few posts to convince me but I ordered the book today, not for myself but as a holiday gift for my mother. I am still relatively young and try to be rather mobile, thus another book to unpack and repack each year holds limited appeal, especially seeing that I have saved most of my favorite "views" on my laptop. My mother, on the other hand, was initially excited when I explained the concept behind the idea of the pictures, but lacked the internet skills to track back through your blog and see the old posts.

This brings me to my point though, which is that I hope her exposure to the book will create an urge for her to get accustomed to visiting your blog more often and broadening her media appetite as well. Even for those who see little utility in collecting books on paper (namely those of us already inundated with graduate school reading), they can use the Dish's book to shamelessly draw an innocent friend or relative into your blog.

From new media to old media to new media: it's the content that counts.