Palin In Wisconsin


The former vice-presidential candidate and leader of the GOP base gave a speech last night in Wisconsin. From the scattered notes of someone who was there, it seems like it was a good speech, and rehearsed some serious applause lines on abortion, and revealed a new sophistication on the subject. I'm not sure how much time Palin has spent reading John Paul II, but she sure knew how to quote him. Here's a passage as written down by an attendee going rogue:

Those who believed in the sanctity of life were told to sit down and shut up. Well, Wisconsin, you went rogue! Women who are protectors – protectors of the womb – you can’t just get over it and sit down and shut up. You’re changing hearts and changing minds. We’re dealing with the truth. The gift of knowledge lets us see truth with life. John 16:13: “spirit of truth.” Spirit of truth is being poured out on the country today and people are getting it.

But here's the weird thing: no press was allowed. Here were a few of the restrictions:

• No exit and re-entry allowed • No cell phones • No recording devices • No video or still cameras • No laptops • No photos or recording allowed

There were metal detectors to enforce this extreme lockdown. And all bags were searched for recording devices. The question I have is: why? Here is a national politician addressing a state pro-life group, saying things that are presumably supposed to be part of a public debate and yet the whole thing is shrouded in secrecy. It's a similar pattern to the campaign. Here is a public figure insisting on rules that no other public figure demands. Why? What is it about sunlight and an open debate that Palin is afraid of?