Palin In New Jersey?


A reader writes:

FYI, I received robocalls from both Palin and Steve Forbes (remember him?) in the last couple of days here in New Jersey. Palin, in her call, was careful not to name the Republican candidate, Chris Christie, by name (for whatever reason), but urged me to "vote my values" on Tuesday. These included traditional marriage and lower taxes. Whatever. I'm pulling the lever for Corzine, though I'm not a Democrat (I'm an Independent). Christie and the Palinites scare me.

"Voting Sarah's Values": that's a theme that's being robo-called a lot. In a way, Palin is more effective as some kind of cultural talisman than as an actual, you know, politician, who has to know things, govern states or countries, and hold press conferences. She's being turned into a kind of Marian figure, a blessed icon whose mere touch bestows some kind of aura on a candidate or race. Her book will become some kind of touchstone in this firmament of religious Republicanism. Now, if only Levi would just shut the fuck up ...