On Covering Palin: Why It Still Matters

A reader writes:

Please don't kowtow to the readers (I think new readers, in my opinion) who are telling you to drop the Palin Inquiry. Those of us who have read you 5-6 times a day for years know what they don't - that is, the trajectory of your questioning, from the very onset in '08, and your utter frustration with the MSM. They do not get that this is not sensationalistic at all, it is elementally important and absolutely imperative that you never back down and do not stop the pressure. Please. Please.

She can not get NEAR the White House and it is our and your job to stop her, and stop her early.

Whatever it takes, the truth must come out and you are the guy to get to it.

My reader certainly reflects my own motivation. Yes, some of this is funny, some weird, a lot tabloidy ... but the fact that a person of no credentials and no transparency and no knowledge came that close to being president of this country, and that the system had no real way to expose it, and indeed enabled it and continues to enable it, is a deadly, deadly serious issue in a democratic republic.

That's why I'm doing what I do. I want the truth about this farce fully exposed so it never, ever happens again.