A reader writes:

You said:
One begins to wonder if this trial will not in the end be a smoking gun in proving the war crimes of Bush and Cheney in a court of law.
And of course, that is why the GOP is fighting this with all they've got to keep it out of the criminal court system and keep them at Gitmo.
You also said:
It would be classic Obama to play the game this long and this well.
It would be, and the reason I'm very happy he ignores everyone's shrilling.  I think he's the best "big picture" and "Eyes on the Prize" president we've ever had in history. He believes in taking incremental, solid, concrete steps toward the big prize.  That's how he ran his campaign.  That's how he's dealing with Afghanistan.  That's how he's been building toward full gay rights with Fed policy partner benefit changes, census documentation changes, Hate Crime Act changes to civil rights language, let alone his own LGBT appointments.  Which is why I believe in all of my little straight, pro-LGBT heart that when he shepherds in full gay rights through Congress beyond what he's been able to do to date within his executive powers, it will blanket the country in one fell swoop.  Just as the Civil Rights Act did for African Americans, etc.
Know faith.