Marshalling A New Era Of Ownership, Ctd

A reader writes:

I think it's more aptly put that the new age of publishing has made it possible for small, opinionated news publications to have viable, market-based business models because they can cut the overhead that print requires. These publications have always existed in the print and web worlds, just with subsidies, witness: The Nation, The National Review, and any of the myriad of think tanks like the Cato Institute or the Center for American Progress.

Ultimately, Josh Marshall may be more like the William Buckley of his day but, ironically, with a market based business model rather than a subsidized one.

However, we should probably be careful before going too far with any of this. Marshall is funding his current expansion with investment funds provided by Marc Andreessen. The impressive thing is that Marshall was able to make his expansion pitch based on solid financials. We have yet to see whether the expanded vision he's headed toward is itself profitable.