Chait gets the ironies dead to rights:

When I attended college just after the height of the political-correctness fad, I was exposed to the exotic but widely accepted theory that racial minorities could not, by definition, be guilty of racism. Limbaugh has formulated a sort of mirror-image philosophy: Conservatives can't be racist. "Racism in this country," he has announced, "is the exclusive province of the left."The victimology of the leftist is bad enough--he is beset by racism. But the persecution complex of the conservative has managed to top that. The conservative is a double victim--of false accusations of racism and of racism itself. Limbaugh moans, "Frankly, the biggest problem I face in the current climate of political correctness is that I'm color-blind about it." Poor Limbaugh--he tries so hard to avoid race, but it just keeps finding him.

In some ways, today's right is the last remaining legacy of yesterday's left.

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