Leave Sarah Alone!

A reader writes:

Don't do it Mr. Sullivan. Don't legitimize Sarah Palin and her ridiculousness. She is a joke. You know that. Any reasonable intelligent person knows that. You are a reasonable, thinking, intelligent person, but more than that, aside from maybe Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, you are one of the few sources of calm, reasonable political discourse out there. I don't always agree with you, but I always understand where you are coming from. But if you challange this woman, you give her credibility, which she doesn't deserve. Then your site  becomes "The Huffington Post" or "The Drudge Report" or "Dailykos."
Yes, she is a liar. That is not news. Let her hang herself with her book. Let her hang herself with her lies. Don't stoop to her level. Don't do it sir. It is beneath you.

Another writes:

Tone down the Palin butchery.

I am behind you 1,000%. I think you were instrumental in exposing that farce for what it was to the national thinking community- right and left. Congrats, and thanks. Seriously. Well done.

But now that she's a joke, looking to make some money and host a talk show or whatever the hell she's up to, I only think you elevate her to rock-star right winger status by dedicating so much time to tearing her down. How much lower can she go? She's worthless as a candidate and the intelligent right is pointing that out (love me some david brooks!) Shes a white trash soap opera, a Kate and Jon Plus Octomom, who happened to run for president. I hate to see her sharing your blog's stage with actual important people, at least to the extent you seem to be gearing up for.

I'd lay back a bit and let her self-destruction take its course. That said, if she does actually plan on entering public service again... pounce.