Leave Oprah Alone!

A reader writes:

Please be kinder to Oprah. Remember that Oprah's show is not intended to be hard news journalism. Her show aims to be many things, but a purveyor of cutting edge journalism and hard news analysis a la 60 Minutes is not something she claims to be. Rather, let us thank Oprah that she's given the American public a glimpse of Palin. Yeah, Oprah's probably a safe interviewer for Palin to meet (let's acknowledge we long for another Katie Couric interview, which will never happen), but nonetheless we've been given a glimpse of Palin on the national airwaves, not Palin filtered by analysis, neocon or religious right commentary, or YouTubes of Palin speaking in front of friendly audiences. At least with Oprah, we get to see something of Palin unfiltered. Okay, filtered. But still, better than Palin speaking through her handlers or with the help of a teleprompter. People who care will be able to see through the Oprah-ether and see what Palin is really saying ... or lying about.