Email Of The Day

A reader writes:

I just received my order of six Window View books (paid the initial price of $29.95) and then ordered 75 once I saw them (at the new price of $16.25). I’ve seen mixed results from self-publishing places in the past, so I wanted to see a real example before I ordered many as gifts. I would imagine that there may be others like me who will order one for themselves and then order more for friends/family and business clients at Christmas once they see how impressive it is in real life.

Well: 75 is a lot. But I'm glad the reader sees just how beautiful the book turned out. Some might fear that print-on-demand makes for a cheaper cheesier book. But if that was true in the past, it isn't now. This book is as good a quality as any you'll find in any store. The low price reflects the power of outsourcing and also the Dish's decision to make no profit on this. I have a feeling we are going to have do another mass order given the strength of the demand so far. We'll report back on Monday. But if you want the $16.25 price in time for Christmas, supplies are fast running out ...