C'mon, Levi. Fight Back! Ctd

Apparently this "Ricky Hollywood" thing is not a Palin invention (although it is not a porn name, as she suggests). Renata Espinosa goes shopping with Levi and his bodyguard, Tank:

“What we did was, we came up with an alter ego, Ricky Hollywood,” explains Tank. “Ricky Hollywood would iron his shirt.” Levi looks at Tank and raises his eyebrows. “Yeah, right!” he says. “OK, well, I’d iron it. He doesn’t know how to iron.”

“We’re not going to find my style out here,” says Levi rather contentiously.

“Oh, yes, we will,” says Tank. “We’re going to find Ricky’s style!”

So Sarah Palin reads Gawker as well as the Dish! Of course she does.