Can They Make Back The Palin Money? Ctd

Weigel doesn't think Palin needs to worry about HarperCollins making money off her book:

In the end, will it matter for Palin? I don’t think so. If Michelle Malkin’s “Culture of Corruption” could top the New York Times bestseller list for five weeks, surely Palin will top it for at least one week. Palin’s book merely needs to produce juicy gossip and place her in potentially competitive 2012 states to be a “hit,” and it’ll do all of that. Early reports claim that the book skimps on policy, which is the one area commentators and possible 2012 rivals always say she needs more polish, but they don’t really mean it. The more interesting measure of Palinmania might be whether she can pull tie-in books like Matt Continetti’s “The Persecution of Sarah Palin” onto the bestseller list.