A Correction And An Apology

And it's a most embarrassing one. I completely misread the date on one of Charles Krauthammer's columns on climate change and he rightly excoriates me for the error. I'm not sure how it happened, but I assumed, I think, that a piece sent to me in response to the climategate issue was current and didn't check the date. It makes the post largely moot. Krauthammer does omit the gas tax idea in that column, as I noted, but he explains the small discrepancy thus:

The gas tax wasn't mentioned because it's not particularly relevant to the subject I was addressing -- the ideological rigidity of climate-change activism. And because my views on the gas tax had been repeated so many times, writing about it again would have been superfluous.

I was wrong in inferring any shift of Krauthammer's position under Obama; and I apologize to Krauthammer and my readers for both the mistake and the unfair inference.