"What If You're Right?"

A reader writes:

I have admired your persistent pursuit of the truth about whatever Sarah Palin is hiding, but I can’t shake this sick feeling that it ultimately doesn’t matter. What if, tomorrow, the smoking gun emerged and everything unraveled? If someone produced DNA proof that she lied about her fake pregnancy, and then conspired to continue the charade when she saw that it could be politically advantageous, and perhaps even help her get elected Vice President, would it really sink her at this point?

She would talk righteously about how she did it to protect her family and how her privacy has been violated by the Godless, elite, intellectual, left-wing, media death squadher victimhood status would be taken to an entirely new level. The people who aren’t fooled by her would be unsurprised, and the Palin zealots would be further validated in their embattlement. As for the rest, I fear that we now inhabit a political landscape that would absorb a scheming and dishonest act with a cynical shrug.

My job is simply to find out the truth and treat the evidence in front of our nose with skepticism and persistence. Maybe the truth is that Palin is telling the truth and Levi is lying. As I've said from the get-go, I don't know. But watching the the two of them square off this week has not exactly persuaded me that she has nothing to hide.