"I'm In The War Zone, Not You!"

An American soldier stationed in Iraq blogs an exchange he had with his wife in Fort Hood:

Around, midnight, local Iraq time, which was about 2 pm central time, I was just finishing up a late night at work when I decided to call my wife. But the phone didn't ring; I got a busy signal. So I tried email. My wife was already online.

Angela: We are on lock down, baby
me: What?
Angela: We have shooters
me: Lock Down?
Angela: on post schools and everyone
multipule shooters on
me: according to who?
Angela: Clear Creek
The sirens
They're saying to lock all doors and windows
Angela: Soldiers?
Who is doing it?
me: They're not saying
Angela: ugh
me: This is ridiculous
I'm in the war zone
not you!
Angela: I know!

Now, I think I have an inkling of an idea of what it's like to be at home while your loved one is in a dangerous combat zone. Here I am in Iraq, worried my wife and son are in danger in their own backyard.