"If I Wanted To Crush 'Em, I Could"

Levi keeps upping the ante on what he says he knows about Sarah Palin. At this point, it's obviously a way for him to get access to his son, Tripp. But he makes several insinuations: that whatever he knows, it implies abuse of power, and "maybe" could destroy someone's political career. He sticks by his claim that Sarah called Trig "the retarded baby," denies any domestic violence in the house, and continues to lobby for access to his son that he says Palin is denying him.

"I think she's the one who should be worried. I'm not scared of her." He's asked, "Why should she be worried?" He responds: "Things I know, things she knows." He's also asked, "Is Trig Sarah's baby?" His answer: "So far as I know, yes."

This was all on The Insider last night, a widely watched tabloid TV show. Tonight, Levi is on again. This tabloid drama is clearly coming to some sort of a head. Just in time for his photo-shoot and her "book".

It's either a brilliant, win-win publicity fest for both, or some kind of impending blow-up. Or something, as always with Palin, utterly unexpected. I'm as befuddled as ever, but totally helpless in the face of my own fascination.