Why DADT Is Different

Kevin Drum urges patience on DADT. DiA takes a different stance:

Unlike gay marriage, it doesn't present a natural opportunity for action on the state level. Individual states or cities could pass resolutions in support of ending the policy, but this would only be a symbolic gesture. So we could wait for action from Congress. But that will involve a long wait. And those service members are especially important these days. Mr Obama has already expressed an intention to end the policy, which means that he is already politically exposed (though the political risk is small). He is facing charges that he hasn't fulfilled the campaign promises made to his gay supporters. We have already seen that this administration has an eye for the low-hanging fruitthe closing of the Hutto detention centre, for example. If the president issued an executive order calling for an immediate halt to the implementation of the policy, that would help the military and advance the cause of gay rights.