They Tortured A Man They Knew To Be Innocent, Ctd.

A reader writes:

You say the Obama administration has “embraced and defended the torture of the past”. But remember – they lost this one, in a court of law. What if they expect to lose them all? What better way to expose the torture of the past than to air it out in the courts (under the pretense of defending it)? Doesn’t that completely disarm his political opponents who would otherwise claim that it is simply a witch hunt? Sadly, there is not much of a public outcry to accompany your (and my) outrage at this legacy of the Bush administration. How do you create it? By telling the story. Better yet, by having someone else (Judge Kollar-Kotelly) tell the story for you.

You like to use the analogy of rope-a-dope. I think he might have roped you.

I understand the use of rope-a-dope in political jujitsu. When you are forcefully arguing for the continued detention of an innocent, tortured man, it's disgusting.