They Tortured A Man They Knew To Be Innocent, Ctd.

A reader writes:

Reading the opinion, a link to which you posted. Page 14:

"He further explained that he was "detained by the American troops and thanks to God they are good example [sic] of humanitarian behavior."

is heartbreaking.  No other word for it. I see that Worthington calls it "ironic" but I stand by my adjective.

"Thanks to God," at least, that our system includes still a judiciary that could eventually set forth an opinion like this.  But look again, just look at what Fouad al-Rabiah, then 42 years old, father of four, wrote at the time to his family in Kuwait, from an Afghanistan overcome with war.

He was desperately trying to get back to them, and he was in prison, held by American troops.  And he said the American troops, thanks to God, are good example[s] of humanitarian behavior.

How many Muslims or Arabs, anywhere in the world, would say that now?

This is among the things Cheney and his utterly foul, despicable crew just fucking threw away, thinking that doing so would make us strong and safe.

Get angrier.