The Weekend Wrap

Andrew in his column took stock of a week-long examination of cultural diversity in America. He also delved into the violence that just erupted in Jerusalem and Baghdad.

This Dish profiled another great, emerging civil rights hero. We saw some unsettling images from the drug war, the environmental front, and Anne Frank's window. Karen Armstrong defended the reality of God and Andrew defended the reality of God in sports. And we glanced at the origins of mankind from both major perspectives.

In other weekend randomness, The Daily Show reflected on Iran, Katja Grace showed how generous people aren't that generous, Jonah Lehrer went wine tasting, Thomas Bingham wanted to abolish the House of Lords, Lexington called out some dumbass criminals, and Frank Rich talked about the dual scourges of AIDS and ALW.

The Dish covered sperm here and here, and two cool sites here and here.  And e.e. cummings would have totally dug YouTube.

Just in case you haven't seen this video yet, see it.

-- C.B.