The Uselessness Of HRC

A reader writes:

HRC is useless because there is nothing good that can be achieved at the federal level and they and the Democrats know it. You can be as repulsed as you want by them but it won't change the facts. At the federal level the right wing culture warriors own the issue just like they own gun rights. The Democrats won't do anything because they have been trained to passivity by the high voltage shock they get when they go there. 

The only way through that fence is to ignore the Democrats and the culture warriors patrolling the perimeter and get out of Washington all together.

The whole town is a well rigged deathtrap for gay rights or, frankly, pretty much any civil rights. It will only change when the climate outside of Washington has changed to the degree that resistance to change is more dangerous than the reverse. That day is coming faster than people realize.

What is repulsive really is that the HRC keeps playing important and getting black tie dinners when they simply have no really useful function other than, perhaps, treading water until they can have a function and trying to look like there is progress federally to make you happy. But obviously that's not working either. It time they simply said that there is nothing useful that can be done in Washington right now and asked people to put their money to better use.