The Maine Event, Ctd

PPP warns that its new poll will show gains for the anti-marriage equality forces in Maine. It's automated, which may explain why it's different than two recent polls. People can tell recordings their real feelings. It's hard to know what to make of the polls, except that this is a close race and that the anti-gay forces have relentlessly focused on schools and kids. Any device they can find to provoke fear of gay people around children is electoral gold. You can blame California. Or you can get an email like this one in the Dish in-tray tonight:

The fact that you "see no reason why kids should not learn at some point that homosexuality is a part of the world and history, whatever people's views are on the question" is an unsurprising and totally irrelevant fact to me. You see, I am charged with raising my children and I can assure you that I am wholly unconcerned with your views on the matter. Should I be?

Stay away from my kids.

They use this tactic because it works. Stay classy, Maggie.