The Dish Re-Launches Philip Spooner

That clip of the World War II veteran speaking out for the civil rights of his gay son is not new. In fact, it dates from last April. But the Dish's re-posting on October 21 gave it a second life. From the Dish (1.27 pm) to HuffPo (8.26 pm) to  Boing Boing (10.57 pm) and then back to Maine's own evening news, the Youtube has now passed the half million viewer mark. When we say the Dish relaunched this video, we mean, of course, you.

Yes, re-posting it was a start, but your emailing of it, sending it to Boing Boing, and the viral nature of such personal amateur-but-better-than-any-pro videos did the rest. Sometimes the web is grueling work; but most of the time it's an inspiring thing if you believe in democracy and the power of personal testimony and the wisdom of the crowd - in the long run - in seeing reality as it is.

If you missed it the first time around, it's after the jump. You will have a lump in your throat by the end. Know hope.