The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we saw conservatives in America bemoan equality while conservatives in Britain embraced it. The Christian right ran a disgusting ad against marriage, Hannity made a gross implication, and Cheney's cowardice deepened.  Also, a reader pwned HRC.

In other news, Andrew knocked Obama for his Olympics ploy, Massie gawked at the administration's blind eye towards Iranians, Radley Balko exposed the police crackdown in Pittsburgh, and Suzy Khimm exposed the coming crackdown in Rio.

Friedersdorf critiqued Breitbart for bad journalism, and soon Breitbart returned the favor. Greenwald exposed a WaPo press release, a blogger fact-checked George Will, and Michelle Cottle portrayed McCaughey as Palin.

We addressed the healing power of pot here and here. Andrew talked religion and Oakeshotte here and here, and blew up on atheists here. He also chatted with TNC again, and finally walked back on his statements against Kristol.

-- C.B.