The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we received the underwhelming news of a gay ambassadorship, compelling Andrew to make a plea to the president's people. He also took a long look at the controversial Oren piece, with reader follow-ups here, here, and here.

In other news, we heard that the first Iranian protest leader could be executed and that our captured soldier in Afghanistan is still missing. Juan Cole offered an interesting take on Iran's intentions. Andrew parsed the latest polling on healthcare while Patrick rounded up some initial reaction to the opt-out option.  Jonah Lehrer dropped some science on the failure of menu labeling while Ezra dropped his head.

In random happenings, Bob Dole chastised the GOP, Gail Collins told Rangel to go, Matt Welch defended Breitbart, Goldblog stood up against fat jokes, would-be gay-bashers got bashed themselves, O'Reilly saw starbursts, and TNC spun some wisdom.  And this was the best thing on the Internet today.

And last but not least, it appears the world will get to see Levi's Johnston after all.

-- C.B.