The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, as the need for troops grows ever greater, we corralled the debate over DADT. The Washington Post pointed the finger at Congress; Zac Morgan showed how conservatives could pick up the standard; Patrick compiled comments that are splitting the right; a civilian reader counseled caution; a former marine threw caution to the wind; and a soldier saw the glass half empty (but sparked Andrew's most eloquent post of the day).

The Dish also aired some lingering coverage of the weekend. Andrew went off on Solmonese (with cheers from readers here and here) while Jim Burroway saw the light in Obama's speech. We also screened a cheesy but cheery compilation of the march.

In other coverage, Snowe backed the Baucus bill, Palin remained hidden over email, DiA contrasted Afghanistan with Mexico, Brooks looked at our brains, and Jonah Lehrer waxed poetic on cooking. Our MHB was particularly catchy today, and we gave you a big dose of hathos and pathos.

-- C.B.