The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew - with the help of Kaplan and Fallows - took two, long looks at the situation in Afghanistan. He also reiterated his rage against Solmonese. Jon Stewart showed us what real activism is, Dreher explained the cowardice on both sides, and Brian Montopoli reported the bigotry on one. Meanwhile, things look good in Maine, partly because of this great ad.

In other news, Ahmadi got sneaky, the Saudis got greedy, and the GOP got 1.0. Joe Klein tackled Krauthammer while Cottle sized up Liz Cheney. And we finally found confirmation that Petraeus is Republican, and aired input from Massie and readers.

Lastly, you should buy this book, watch this documentary, and check out these damn adorable dogs.

-- C.B.