The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we observed a range of news on bigotry. The good: Jennifer Vanasco and George Takei gave us a glimpse at the end of gay culture. The bad: Republicans smeared some Muslim interns and a gay official. The ugly: moral degenerates lashed out against gays in Queens and Iran.

Andrew mused over a fascinating take on American exceptionalism from James McManus. Robert Drape revealed the fascinating tale of Obama's race speech. A gay ex-soldier came out of the Camo Closet, while an ex-marine shared some shrewd wisdom.

Readers spelled out the conservatism of "cut-and-run" here and here. Steven Metz shot down the idea of a "civilian surge" while Judah Grunstein took a shot at the media covering Af-Pak. We also got a letter from Tehran.

Sarah Palin got her read on.

-- C.B.