The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish our coverage was especially scattered. Greenwald and Reason reacted to news of the administration's move towards decriminalizing medical marijuana, just as public support hit an all-time high. Greenwald also tackled the latest in the Binyam Mohamed case. (David Rohde, by contrast, was treated well by his Taliban captors.) We also found a translation of Mousavi's first recorded interview since the election and linked to some footage of Palin's heretic hunter in action.  Brauchli lied.

In blog commentary, Reihan amended his Rove praise defense, McWhorter slammed the black Family Guy, Frum sized up the right punditry, and Stephen Dubner defended himself. The Dish got more DADT insight from servicemembers here and here. Another reader passed along footage of a 32-year-old Andrew talking to Brian Lamb.

In home news, the inimitable James Bennet was just named Editor of the Year by Ad Age. Andrew shared his thoughts here. Fallows here. Subscribe here.

-- C.B.