The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we observed a real breakthrough with nuke negotiations. Reax here. More of the Nozette mystery unraveled here, here, and here. Another great ad from Maine here.

Andrew addressed Pat Buchanan's latest bile, which inspired this beauty of an email, as well as this one. Sully also confronted Robert Bernstein's salvo against Human Rights Watch and responded to a reader's harsh dissent over Israel. He also fully absorbed the Vatican merger.

Rory Stewart and Andrew Exum shared their wisdom on Afghanistan while Jane Mayer further exposed the drone war. Glenn Beck and a Pennsylvania pol spread the crazy and Cheney chickened out on Maddow. A reader submitted a view from Gitmo, a group pressed to close Gitmo, and I took a look at the next Gitmo.

Rounding out the wrap, Palin will appear on Oprah, Obama appears to be an android assassin sent from the future, and this MHB is pretty sweet.

-- C.B.