The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we saw Harry Reid make a move on a federalist public option. Ezra reax here and here. On Afghanistan, Judah Grunstein endorsed a time-bounded surge, Roger Cohen gleaned some perspective from Miliband, Paul McGeogh was pessimistic about the McChrystal report, a reader in Afghanistan shared that pessimism, and both Tony Karon and the Economist were not optimistic about the run-off election. But in a bit of good news, the HIV travel ban appeared on its last leg.

Andrew looked at a new study on sensory deprivation while Craig Murray looked back at the torture he witnessed in Uzbekistan. Friedersdorf and called for an end to prohibition on pot while George Will gestured toward the same. McHugh talked some sense on DADT, Dreher talked rednecks, and apostate Paul Haggis shamed the Super Adventure Club.

The prowess of newspapers and cable news continued to wane. Damon Linker lamented fast publishing while a reader praised slow reading. Aaron Renn seemed to think diversity only means poor black people - a perception countered by readers, but somewhat defended by Will of Ordinary Gentlemen. We also got emails from several Irish readers and a Scandinavian.

-- C.B.