The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew spelled out the shrewd politics behind the opt-out public option, with reader input here, here, and here, and further input from Josh Marshall and Megan. Warranted Wiretaps' take was especially short and sweet. On Lieberman's veto threat, Ambinder analyzed, Beutler reported, and Chait proposed a threat of his own.

Exum, Greenwald, and Yglesias ruminated over Matthew Hoh's big resignation. John Kerry gave his version of what the Afghan surge should be while the Iraq government continued its dysfunction. Andrew chastened Anita Dunn (and others) for quoting a Chinese dictator, which spurred the most dissent of the day. Sully also made sense of the GOP civil war erupting over NY-23.

In other assorted coverage, some homophobes spewed some hate, some Californians were charged with torture, someone spotted more drug hypocrisy, and we spotted some hilarious hathos.  And Levi looks like he won't be wearing these - or anything else.

-- C.B.