The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew delivered a keen analysis on the differing activism of the right and the left. He also tackled news of Karzai's CIA-funded brother and parsed the newest polling on Obama and his policies.

In equality coverage, Schumer and Specter spoke out for marriage, Zack Rosen dug deeper into the DC drag race, another heartwarming tale emerged from Maine, and polling analysis showed hope on the horizon. In lesser developments, the hate crimes bill was quietly signed, and Holder joined his boss in relative silence. Many liberals touted the new law in absurd terms. Meanwhile, with NOM on the ropes, here's how you can help in Maine. Oh, and a gay fish said something stupid.

Today was also a bustling day of Palin-blogging. In response to Levi's latest warning, she continued to throw fuel on her pyre. Andrew, Ambers, and Weigel parsed her last polling, while Mudflats picked apart her latest financial report.

-- C.B.